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The Austrian three-tier quality pyramid

The Austrian three -tier quality pyramid was created in order to clarify the various categories of Sekt (sparkling wine) with “Protected Designation of Origin” to consumers. According to the legal guidelines of the top category of the Pyramid, regulations adhere to the highest production standards of the global leaders in sparkling wine production, such as Champagne or even Franciacorta, and even go well beyond these standards in many cases.

Should Sekt producers wish to designate their sparkling wines with “Austrian Sekt with Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO) in the categories of “Klassik” or “Reserve” or “Grosse Reserve” on their labels, they are legally obligated to adhere to these according quality standards. A Federal Agency for Wine Production and the Federal Agency for Wine Cellar Inspection oversees adherence to these regulations.

Die Schlumberger Sekt-Qualitätspyramide unterteilt in Klassik, Reserve und Grosse Reserve
Die österreichische Sekt-Qualitätspyramide von Schlumberger

Tiers of the Austrian quality pyramid


The Schlumberger Commitment to quality

Schlumberger Wappen Kellertradition

Austrian tradition of winery since 1842

Qualitätsversprechen - Österreich Icon

100% made from best Austrian grapes Protected designation of origin,  proven quality

Qualitätsversprechen eigene Verarbeitung

Own processing of the grapes - no purchase of finished wines

Qualitätsversprechen Zusammenarbeit mit Schlumberger

Long-standing cooperation with Schlumberger partner vintners

Qualitätsversprechen Lleichte Frische & lebendiger Charakter

Schlumberger is characterized by a light and fresh structure & a lively character  Austrian tradition of winery since 1842

Qualitätsversprechen Genuss ohne Reue

Pleasure without regrets (histamine content sparkling < 0.1 mg/l)

Qualitätsversprechen - Veredelt nach der „Méthode Traditionnelle“

Produced according to the "Méthode Traditionnelle” and noted by the cellar mark

Qualitätsversprechen - Geschützter Ursprung

Protected designation of origin, proven quality