Schlumberger Weinreben im Sonnenuntergang im österreichischen Weingut


Protected designation of origin – guaranteed quality.

All Schlumberger Sparkling Wines are in line with the three-tier quality pyramid for Austrian Sekt.

All our sparkling wines are exclusively made from 100% Austrian quality grapes using the Methode Traditionnelle.






Our sparkling delights in the Klassik range rest a minimum of 12 months inside the bottle. The result is a fresh and light bouquet with subtle brioche aromas. The Klassik Range includes our traditional Sparkling Brut, Rosé Brut and Grüner Veltliner Brut.





The Schlumberger Reserve range includes five single-varietal cuvées Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Blanc de Noirs as well as the Prestige Cuvée which enjoys a traditional champagne blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Our aim is to express Austrian Terroir at its highest quality. All reserve products lie a minimum of 18 months on fine lees. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand, all originating in one county and with a maximum must yield capped at 60%.



Grand Reserve


The R. Schlumberger is an homage to the founding father himself and hence carries his name. It is a single-varietal, single-vintage, single-vineyard Chardonnay Cuvée which enjoys a prolonged fermentation on fine lees. The grapes are carefully picked and selected by hand to make sure, that only the best grapes are being processed. Upon sealing the bottles they rest a minimum of 30 months in our cellars which are subsequently hand-riddled on sloping racks. The R. Schlumberger Chardonnay Brut 2015 is limited to a mere 5.000 bottles.



Schlumberger Secco Linie


The Secco Range expresses a young, urban, refreshing lifestyle with futuristic elements. The range comprises three different dry sparkling wines including the Gold Secco, White Ice Secco and Rosé Ice Secco. Try these also on ice served in a big glass to enjoy a refreshing sommer drink.