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Produced from 100% Austrian wine.

Discover a great brand that carries the famous name of Robert Schlumberger and was served at the imperial court.

Schlumberger Classic Range

The classic Schlumberger Sparkling Brut, Rosé Brut and Chardonnay. These sparkling varieties are produced according to the “Méthode Traditionnelle” with the secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle and followed by hand-riddling.

Schlumberger Fashion Range

Our modern range come in three exceptional designs; White Secco, Rosé Secco and Gold. Each individual style offers a sparkling and uniquely elegant taste experience. Fruity, refreshing and distinctive produced using the traditional method.

Schlumberger Prestige Cuvées

“Preserve the embers, don’t tend to the ashes” - this is the tradition to describe the best. To be innovative and to achieve the impossible. To venture away from old paths and seek out new paths. To learn from history and to create the future: Schlumberger DOM.

Schlumberger DOM T.FX.T emerged from the cooperation with the star Austrian winemakers Manfred Tement, Illa Szemes and F.X. Pichler.