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A grand brand made in Austria

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  • 2014
    Austrian Tradition

    Austrian Tradition

    For a period of 41 years, Schlumberger formed part of the Underberg Group, a family owned business from Germany. In 2014, the Underberg Group sold its majority shareholding in Schlumberger Aktiengesellschaft (AG) to the Swiss holding company Sastre SA to become part of the portfolio owned by industrialist Dr Frederik Paulsen. The new majority shareholder is committed to the Austrian tradition and the deep-rootedness of Schlumberger AG in Austria.

  • 1973
    Four Generations

    Four Generations

    Four generations and two world wars later, the childless Robert Schlumberger – great grandson of the founder – sold his shareholding in the family winery to the Underberg Group from Germany, which is now in its 5th generation.

    Nowadays, the term Champagne is reserved for fine sparkling wines from the French wine region of the same name. Yet the perfection of the traditional method used in the production of Schlumberger still remains true to its name.

  • 1878


    The Vöslauer Sparkling became the prized beverage of the Viennese elite society. In 1878, Robert Alwin Schlumberger was officially knighted into nobility with the title “Edler von Goldeck”.

  • Red Wine

    Red Wine

    During the middle of the nineteenth century, Schlumberger became a pioneering producer of still red wine as well. Robert Schlumberger imported classic red grape varieties from abroad and was the first to plant these in Austria. In this field, he was the first to plant and cultivate the French noble grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, in Austria.

  • 1862
    Bad Vöslau

    Bad Vöslau

    Schlumberger leased vineyards on the “Goldeck in Maital” in the town of Bad Vöslau from the sovereign tithe cellar and thus founded his own company. Fame came at the 1862 London Exhibition, when Schlumberger’s “Sparkling Vöslauer” was served to Her Majesty the Queen. Back home in Vienna, Schlumberger’s “Champagner” became a beverage of royalty and subsequently Schlumberger became Purveyors to the K u. K. Imperial Court of Austria-Hungary.

  • Encounters


    One specific encounter that led to a turning point in Schlumberger’s life, was meeting the Viennese maiden Sophie Kirchner during a boat trip on the Rhine. It was the beginning of a love story and they were to wed. As Sophie’s parents were against their daughter moving to Germany, Robert agreed to follow her to live in Austria.

  • 1814


    The history of the Schlumberger family company begins with Robert Alwin Schlumberger, who was born in Stuttgart in 1814. Following the untimely death of his father, Robert was forced to abandon his studies and to become a merchant. This brought him to the town of Reims in the region of Champagne in France, and to a position in the Ruinart Pere et Fils Champagne House. Here, he rose to chef de cave and production manager.